Cool Plant Happenings

While doing a little plant maintainance today, I noticed a few interesting things. First, my epiphytic cacti seems to have some flower buds. I've had this plant less than a year, so I don't really know what it's winter habits are. I've been leaving all my succulents quite dry, as it is winter, and there is no shortage of cold drafty windows in our apartment, so I'm thrilled that my plants are blooming--a sign I'm doing something right!

Several weeks ago, I noticed my Echeveria sprouting this long clump of little pod-like forms. I assumed it was just an off-shoot and was growing a new plant. I went to water it today, and saw this beautiful pink flower emerging! I've only been growing succulents for a few years, so I feel like getting them to bloom is a real victory.

Also, this interesting little form has grown from Matt's mini palm tree. I'm not sure what it is. A seed pod of some kind? Very neat, whatever it is!


  1. Hi Matt and Bobbie,
    Looks like you're doing ok with your plants. The first one is Hatiora salicornioides, the "Drunkard's Dream", and this is one of the several time when it will bloom...pretty dependable. The second is a flower but I'm not sure of the species from the picture. And though I'm no expert re. palms, the last is a flower spray like you get on date palms.
    Keep up the good care.

  2. Hi Matt and Bobbie!
    Yes that looks like the same plant as Luther said. It is doing great if it is blooming. Thank you so much for the great compliment on my blog. I really appreciate it. Succulents are awesome and love your blooming echeveria. Them are some of my favorite in the succulent world. Hope to talk with you soon.

    I probably will not post for a bit because we are having a pretty bad family emergency. I will be flying down south to be with my husband family in the next day or two.

  3. Candy,
    Good luck to you in your family emergency. I hope everything turns out ok. Safe travels. Thank you for checking out my blog!