New(er) Work

I've been really under the weather lately, but I'm feeling better and back to some of the projects I've started in the new year. Above is a linoleum block print of a robin I did recently.

These are hanging in the guest room above a bookcase. I have had a lot of fun experimenting with linoleum. I love simple, sparse designs with organic shapes and colors. These prints are probably my favorite thing I've done in awhile.

I found this blue cordoury at the thrift shop and was just dying to make a rabbit with it.

Deer with felt antlers. I have so much fun making these soft toys.

You may see some of these in my future ETSY shop! Stay tuned.



Check out my Flickr page! Some of the photos are repeats I've already posted here, but there are different ones up too.


New Photos

Yesterday we took a trip to the Asian Market near where we live and picked up some lovely fruit. Persimmons:

And some beautiful white pears. They look almost ghostly:

Before that, we scouted out an antique store we've never been to and that yielded some wonderful treasures:

a really neat postcard. I liked the graphic triangular green shapes.

When I saw this lovely little hand-carved bird, I almost dropped the vase I was holding! $5.50--wow!

A walnut box with an enamel lid. And only about $6.

Matt and I are avid treasure hunters. We are at the second-hand shops, garage sales (in summer) and antique stores all the time. I look for pottery, glass, and other vintage brick-a-brack and he goes straight for the high-end name brand clothing. It's not everyday we find something good, but when we do it's a real victory!