Surveying my large plant collection, I got to thinking about the upcoming winter and the dismal lack of sunlight we get here in Wisconsin. It is apparent I do not have enough window real estate to satisfactorily sustain my brood. So, my next option seemed to be grow lights. 

I got myself to Menards (our local home-improvement store) and bought two full-spectrum 60-Watt light bulbs and two clamp lamps and voila! grow light central. The beautiful shelves you see in the photo below were newly installed in my studio the day before.  

I had two nifty wooden wine crates laying around which became the surface for the plants to sit on, and also holds such plant-growing necessities as watering cans, fertilizer, soil and gravel. 

I think it looks like a lovely little oasis. I hope this helps my plants thrive a bit more over the long winter. 
P.S. this is only a small fraction of my entire collection. So what? It's not a problem if you can admit to it...