New Additions

Fellow blogger Candy at SweetStuff Sassy Succulents posted about some new plants she recently bought. It got me thinking that I too have a few new plants I'd like to share. Also, like Candy, I am getting plant fever as the weather turns nice and my brain gets in gardening mode. Anyway, one of my all-time favorite plants is the Dracena. My sister was very nice and allowed me to dig this small baby from her large pot (above). I love it!!!!

I've also been on the lookout for a cactus with a long, dense, bushy growth habit, after seeing one in someone's home last winter. I have a few small cacti that will eventually grow this way, but I'm too impatient for that. I found this one at Home Depot, of all places. It's terribly root-bound, the roots and soil are actually coming out of the top of the pot, and was hoping to put it in the red planter I just found today, but it's no taller than the pot it's in now. Oh well.

Another great thrifting find we had this morning is this hand-woven wool tapestry. It's about the size of a placemat, and I plan to fashion it into a small wall hanging. I love the positive/negative bird design--beautiful!!
Last week (yes, Matt and I go thrifting almost every week--very bad habit!) I found this fabulous Scandinavian ceramic fish to hang in the kitchen.

I am a big crafter, and am always on the lookout for new and exciting fabrics. It's this amazing?! I am thinking it's vintage, but am not quite sure. It looks almost too clean to be old. Either way, it's beautiful. Luckily, I have about 3 yards of it, so I can make several things from it. I'm thinking a really great bag for summer.

This wonderful planter I actually passed up a few weeks ago (am I crazy?!) and later realized I should have bought it and went back, and was so happy to see it was still there! Lucky me!

And undoubtedly, the most precious new addition to our home is a little girl cat named Birdie. We adopted her from an animal shelter and she has really settled in nicely. As you can see, she has made a fast friend with Adler :)

Life is so good!