A Modern Day for Etsy!

I hope every one is excited about the upcoming holidays! I know we are; I've just finished my holiday cards (which I will post about later, since I haven't sent them yet) and had a nice leisurely day today to get even more stuff done.

Like these rockin' cards for sale on my Etsy shop!! Also for sale are several loveable soft rabbit toys like this one:

You know you want one! Everything is affordable, unique, and created by me. Go look already! Bobbie's Modern Day on Etsy.com (sorry, fellow succulent nerds, the plant is not for sale) and check back often, as I've always got something in the works.


Let's Head West

I've never really liked these Ikea fabric-wrapped wood frames above our bed. I think when we moved in 3 years ago, we didn't know what to do with them so here's where they ended up, and haven't been given a second thought since.

After doing some thinking about the upcoming winter (dark, cold and long) I imagined a rich bright desert vista out my window.
So I ripped off that bland, pale Ikea bummer, joined the two wooden frames to make one large one, and sewed some colorful fabrics together in an organic nature. I enjoy it very much.

Also in need of a change was the armchair in our bedroom. Before, it was also sporting a black and white pillow number. Keeping with the mod Southwest theme, I made this red and orange chevron pillow and tossed on some faux sheepskin. Winter blues be gone! Now I have happy cozy colors in my bedroom.


New Stuff

Matt and I live in a fantastic apartment designed by a local Madison architect. For the last 2 years, our vast white brick entry way wall has remained empty. Partly due to the fact that we didn't have anything suitable to hang there and that we kind of liked the blank, minimal look where our beloved bench could shine.

This is a linoleum block print I've created

As it turns out, we've aquired several pieces of art we really love (50% of which I've made) and thought they'd do very nicely on said empty wall. And just like that, we have an art gallery! It looks so great, I wish we'd done it sooner.

This emerald gem was purchaced for under $2 at the "dig 'n save" thrift shop. I call it a "yarn painting"

I snatched this pretty little piece of pottery up for $1 a couple weeks ago. A real beauty!

I put this little vignette together on our dining table. Something about it is just so pleasing to my eye.

Speaking of pleasing, we visited Ikea two weeks ago and I came home with two of these fantastic pots (among several other things). It couldn't look more perfect with my favorite cactus.

I have an eye akin to a rat or crow--I often find myself picking up colorful stones, acorns, leaves, twigs and teensy pinecones. They end up in a small wooden dish by the front door.


Currently Obsessed with: Terrariums

If you haven't noticed, terrariums are back in style. Of course, they were big in the '70's and now all the hipsters are into them. Check out here and here if you don't believe me.

Anyway, wanting to do something a little different with my plants, I gave it a go, with excellent results.

I found the glass dish at the Salvation Army for a couple bucks. This one is my favorite.

I had this one under the skylight in the bathroom, but the cats were too interested in it so I had to move it somewhere less prominent. Luckily, the fern will tolerate low light.

I call this "desert bubble." I love how this one looks with the different textures and colors. I tried using lava rock for the first time and I love it. It looks so perfect with the succulents.

This terrarium is keeping it simple with a piece of driftwood and soft green Kalanchoe.


More Plant Action

I just couldn't wait to share my new discovery. I work with elderly people in one darn-nice retirement/assisted living facility.

The other day, I was walking around the building and came across an area of large windows full of plants, mostly succulents! So today I came prepared with my camera.

This lightbulb terrarium is captivating.

This is my most favorite plant in the collection. A mini Black Aeonium.

The rosettes are the size of a quarter.

Great-looking Burrow's Tail.

This is another neat aeomium. Love the woody stems.

The joy of plants in unexpected places!

Rotary Gardens

I hope every one had a great Labor Day weekend. Sunday I visited the Janesville Rotary Gardens, which has been on my list of places to visit this summer. It was so beautiful!

The highlight for me was the Japanese gardens section. There are few things more beautiful than a Japanese garden.

This raked gravel zen/rock garden was so lovely.

There were several of these large metal and stone lanterns scattered about. I have to get my hands on one of these for my future garden.

That's my gorgeous sister in the background


All Lit Up

I have been working up a storm around the house. I think with fall and winter coming (ugh...) I'm starting to "nest" and tidy up/spruce up our home.

I've been thinking/planning/preparing a new project that I'm so excited about. I love lamps, so when I saw a DIY pendant lamp article in a craft magazine recently, I nearly flipped my lid. Here it is... drumroll, please:
At Night

And in the light of day.

Here's how I did it:

1.) At Containerstore.com I bought two slatted bamboo wastebaskets (for over $50--ouch, but well worth it)

2;) Once the wastebaskets arrived, I measured a pendant lamp socket I had from another lamp and went to the hardware store and bought a hole saw attachment in the appropraite size for a mere $7

3.) I took one bamboo wastebasket, drew a perfect "X" on the bottom (which will actually be the top of the lamp) to find the center. I attached the hole saw to my drill and carefully drilled a perfect circle through the wood.

4.) A little light sanding made the hole smooth, and my light socket fit perfect.

5.) With a hand saw, I cut off the very bottom of the second wastebasket (which will become the bottom of the lamp) and sand the cut parts smooth.

6.) After a little brainstorming, {I determined the lamp was too heavy to hang directly from the cord of the light socket} I devised a simple hanger for the lamp. I returned to the top part of the lamp and drilled two small holes relatively close to each other, with a drill bit, on either side of the larger hole cut for the socket.

Next, I cut two long lengths of sisal twine and threaded one through each set of small holes. With several knots joining all the pieces of twine, I had a hanger for my lamp.

7.) I lightly sanded the "top" of each wastebasket and spread wood glue evenly over each half. After being lined up perfectly, I weighed it from the top with a heavy book and let it dry overnight, hoping the cats wouldn't knock it over.

8.) I couldn't wait to get up the next morning and hang my fabulous lamp!

I really can't believe how easy this project was. The hardest part was shelling out the $50 bucks for the wastebaskets. I wish I would have photographed each step, but didn't know it would turn out so well.


Hello Happy-Chic!

I am a big fan of Jonathan Adler (I named my cat after him, for God's sake!) and his design philosophy of "Happy Chic," modern and classy meets cheerful and fun. So I kept this in mind when working on my lastest projects.

First, I found this mug on a recent thifting trip:

I have been on the lookout for a footstool to make over, and got my chance this weekend. This beauty was $5. I like this simple shape and the tapered legs--but the brown vinyl and chipped wood needed help!

Ta-da! Some white paint and Ikea fabric made for a total transformation.

Matt found a great spot for it in the living room. We can use it for extra seating when we have guests. Lovely!

Another really simple little project involves a set of white ceramic coasters (also a thift find) inspired by something similar I saw at the MoMa online shop. I cut circles of colorful felt to fit into the coasters. It's a nice pop of cheerful color on our coffee table.

While flipping through the newest issue of Sunset magazine, I came across a fabulous article on a beachy home in San Francisco.

My eye immediately went to all the plants in the window! This is so beautiful--I can't stop drooling over it, even though it looks a lot like our home!

I am envious and inspired by this print-chair-pillow combination. Simple, textural and visiually intriguing. Happy-chic for sure!