Busy B

Here I am! I've been all kinds of crazy-busy getting ready to move into our new house (whaaat? more on this later) and to a lesser extent crafting and the other usual ridiculous things I tend to do. 

I am freaking out over warm colors. I found the fabric that is now wonderful pillow cases on a recent thrifting trip. 

Look at all the plants I have crammed in one place! Normally, these fellows would be outside by now, but as I mentioned we are moving in a matter of weeks, so they will have to stay put. Did you know Matt and I are buying a house? Big step in life! We are excited, overwhelmed, perplexed, frightened, and overjoyed. We've been thinking, dreaming and planning for this for a long time and it's really here--yikes! Look for a possible home-renovation blog in the near future!

Continuing on the warm color palette, I whipped out these pillows yesterday. I modified the fabric you saw above by folding and stitching it to create a varied design. The zig-zag is part of a remnant I've been saving for just the right project (read: hoarding and petting it while repeating "my pretty...")

For Mother's Day I tried my hand at the Succulent Cupcakes project featured in my previous post. I'd say the results were pretty damn cool. Everyone loved them. 

Time-consuming? Yes. Completely impressive and too-cute-to-eat? Also yes. 


Desert Dessert

Whaaaaat?! Why didn't I think of this? I am in love with these succulent cupcakes from Pixel Whisk. My sister is engaged, so I will force her to let me make these for her wedding.