New Plants

Over the weekend, I went to the Garden Expo here in Madison. Seminars and goodies to buy galore. I went to a seminar on succulents, which mainly focused on the more run-of-the-mill plants for beginners and ones that can be planted in the garden in our region (I'm more into the more unusal varities primarily as houseplants). So I didn't learn much, but it wasn't a bad way to spend an hour.

The real highlight for me was coming across a man, Terri selling wonderful plants in the vendor area of the expo. The first time around, I chose a small Elephant Bush bonsai (the two photos above) that is just beautiful, although every plant he had was just stunning, making it a tough decision. But for a mere $12, I just couldn't resist. The man running it was so lively and funny that I could have stayed there all day talking and laughing with him. Later I actually found out he is very good friends with my sister's boyfriend. Small world!

So later, when we met up with my sister and her bf, we went back the the cool plant guy and I bought the other plant I had my eye on, this exquisite Jade tree. I couldn't believe he only wanted $15 for it. Judging by the girth of the trunk, this plant is quite old, and the grower took lots of time making into this woody bonsai form. I'm really excited to have these plants, and looking forward to visiting Terri's greenhouse this summer!

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