Roadrunners & Aloes

Here is my first succulent dish garden! I finally put my Haeger red planter to good use. Towards the back of the planter is a small Haworthia, an aloe variety, and in the front is a lovely little succulent (possibly Kalanchoe?) with interesting leaf shape and color. The aloe is very sensitive to heat/light, and I'm wondering if it will be ok with these other plants in the long run. We shall see!

I found these super awesome ceramic cups with a very cool roadrunner (and little cacti) on them! I just love them! As a bonus, they fit several of my tinier plants, like this unusual aloe I picked up a few weeks ago from my friend Mark at the farmer's market.

Speaking of aloes, these two beauties are my newest additions. The plant on the left is a Blue Aloe "Elf" which needs to be re-potted and cleaned up a bit, and I'm really at a loss as to what kind the plant on the right is. It's not an Aloe Vera (it is growing little sprouts along a stem, which Veras don't have), it's not variegated, and it looks similar to a mini aloe I have which is red, but this one is pure green. It can't be that rare; I got it at Home Depot!

You may remember a very similar photo I posted not too long ago--this little cactus was blooming when I bought it, then a couple weeks ago it bloomed again! When the blossoms were just opening, they were a darker, more vibrant pink and after they were a day or so old, they faded to this lovely soft pink. So pretty!!

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  1. I love your new succulents. I think you did a great potting job. I have one of the succulents that you don't have a name for. Would you believe that it came in a pot that was mismarked so I don't know it's name either. If I find out I will let you know. And that roadrunner cup is so darn cute!