New Photos

Yesterday we took a trip to the Asian Market near where we live and picked up some lovely fruit. Persimmons:

And some beautiful white pears. They look almost ghostly:

Before that, we scouted out an antique store we've never been to and that yielded some wonderful treasures:

a really neat postcard. I liked the graphic triangular green shapes.

When I saw this lovely little hand-carved bird, I almost dropped the vase I was holding! $5.50--wow!

A walnut box with an enamel lid. And only about $6.

Matt and I are avid treasure hunters. We are at the second-hand shops, garage sales (in summer) and antique stores all the time. I look for pottery, glass, and other vintage brick-a-brack and he goes straight for the high-end name brand clothing. It's not everyday we find something good, but when we do it's a real victory!

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