New Stuff

Matt and I live in a fantastic apartment designed by a local Madison architect. For the last 2 years, our vast white brick entry way wall has remained empty. Partly due to the fact that we didn't have anything suitable to hang there and that we kind of liked the blank, minimal look where our beloved bench could shine.

This is a linoleum block print I've created

As it turns out, we've aquired several pieces of art we really love (50% of which I've made) and thought they'd do very nicely on said empty wall. And just like that, we have an art gallery! It looks so great, I wish we'd done it sooner.

This emerald gem was purchaced for under $2 at the "dig 'n save" thrift shop. I call it a "yarn painting"

I snatched this pretty little piece of pottery up for $1 a couple weeks ago. A real beauty!

I put this little vignette together on our dining table. Something about it is just so pleasing to my eye.

Speaking of pleasing, we visited Ikea two weeks ago and I came home with two of these fantastic pots (among several other things). It couldn't look more perfect with my favorite cactus.

I have an eye akin to a rat or crow--I often find myself picking up colorful stones, acorns, leaves, twigs and teensy pinecones. They end up in a small wooden dish by the front door.


  1. Great blog! I'm jealous of your yarn painting score. The wall looks great! The thrift stores in SF are all pretty picked over. I did hit up Vinnie's on Willy when I was back and was drooling at all the cool, cheap stuff.

  2. I remember dig and save. It save my budget when I was back at UW Masison art dept. Rad find. ...and happy I found your blog. Matti

  3. I really love what you have done! Those pictures are really great. Love the yarn painting. Super pots and your little dish of goodies is neat.