Oh no...

You may remember a post back in August about some plants I brought home from the farmer's market. This is the Crassula Columnella. What once was fleshy, bright green leaves is now dried and dead. The new growth at the top of the little plants still seems ok, there is also a tiny new shoot at the base of the tallest plant. Matt and I were gone for a week on our honeymoon, and I thought these little guys would be fine with no water for that time (I water them about once a week as it is) but when we got home, I found the Crass. in this state. There was another plant near this one with mealy bugs on it (which I promptly threw away with a heavy heart) but I haven't found any sign of bugs on this one, so I'm not sure why this plant seems to be dying. :(

On a happier note, this is the Cotyledon I came home from Palm Springs with (purchased at the Moorten Botanical Garden). Isn't it beautiful? I was hoping to find a really unusual succulent as a souvenir, and this little guy is just perfect. You may be wondering, how the heck do you get a delicate succulent from Palm Springs to Wisconsin? Easy. I emptied all the soil from the pot, wrapped it loosely in newspaper and packed it carefully into a small box and tucked it into my suitcase. Matt kept looking at all the stuff we bought and then at our small carry-on bags and saying, "are you sure we can fit all this stuff?" "Yep." I replied. And yes, we got everything home!

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