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Here are some miscellaneous photos from our trip. These are from the Palm Springs Visitor's Center--a very cool building designed by Albert Frey in 1965. Originally it was the "Tramway Gas Station" and was actually abandoned in the 1990's, restored and turned into an art gallery in 2000 and eventually turned into the Visitor's Center in '03.

At the Visitor's Centre, they had a little display featuring some of the modern architecture of the area.

Matt snapped this neat photo.

This was our view from our hotel room (above and two below). We stayed at The Ace Hotel, a very hip place with a lot of very hip people. We kept joking that the people there would find out that we were not hip enough and kick us out.

There was lots of neat and funky detailing on the buildings--this is a 3-dimensional facade on a dentist's office. There was also some really cool river rock mortared on the side of a building.

On our way back from Joshua Tree we stopped at Cactus Mart for the 59c "dig your own cactus" --little seedling cacti you could pluck out of the soil and plant in a pot or mini-garden. Fun!!

As I mentioned, our hotel was very cool. They had lots of really rad modern furniture all over. I especially loved these outdoor chairs by the public fireplace areas.

There were lots of neat birds there too. We saw a ton of hummingbirds all over, and espcially at the Moorten Botanical Garden. This large bird was in a tree at The Salton Sea.

The first few days, we had to get around on foot or on sweet aqua Electra bikes we could rent for free from the hotel. One day, we rode downtown for some shopping and sightseeing. That was fun!

We had such a great time in Palm Springs. Almost every single person we saw or talked to was really nice and friendly (even the hipsters at our hotel :)), the whether was gorgeous, everything we did was fun and exciting, and in all, just a perfect honeymoon!

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