Euphorbia Leaf Cutting (AKA the most exciting plant story since The Orchid Thief)

Back in early June, Matt and I were in a Catholic church becoming the Godparents of our adorable little nephew Elias. When the whole thing was over, we were waiting/mingling in the common area (I'm sure there's a special name for this, but I am clueless when it comes to religious stuff). I'm looking around and see an absolutely gorgeous Euphorbia Trigona (similar to this one) in one corner of the room. I go in to have a better look. I notice several small off-shoots, and swiftly pluck one off and stick it in my purse.

On the ride home with the family, Matt blurts out, "Bobbie stole a plant from the church!" We all laugh and agree I have not committed any sin.

So, the next morning, I set the cutting in the kitchen window to dry out and callous over before I stick it soil. An hour or so later, I notice it is missing. My first thought was that it had simply blown down and I proceed to look for it in the obvious places. Soon, it is clear the plant is no where to be found. My next thought is that it has dropped into the cat's food dish (directly below the kitchen window) and he has eaten the toxic plant. Realizing this is unlikely, we proceed to move the fridge (yes, I am desperate to find it) and in so doing, I pick up the kitchen rug, where I find the cutting. A bit worse for the wear, but it looks alright.

I immediately put a little rooting hormone on the end and into a small pot of soil/sand mixture, with a little pile of fine gravel to prop it up and keep rot at bay. I set the pot in a nice sunny window and wait...and wait....and wait. I check on it every so often to keep it moist and see if it is doing anything. It hasn't dried up and it had not turned black with rot, so I am optimistic.

Finally, a few weeks ago, I notice a tiny leaf sprouting from the top. I'm so excited, I call Matt over and show him. He says he doesn't see anything. But alas! There is definitely some new growth.

Later, I see this little bud is now a full leaf and there is another one sprouting next to it. I gently try to lift the cutting from the soil and I can't without tugging on it! There are two roots growing from the base.

So now when Eli is 16 years old, I can tell him "I stole this plant from the church the day you were baptized."

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