Cacti Collection

This is my small collection of cacti. When I started, I was only interested in succulents and didn't have a single cacti until about two years into it. Now I love them! Truth be told, it was getting a bit hard to find succulents in garden centers and green houses that I didn't already have, so I was kind of forced to move onto cacti.

I'm not sure what kind this little guy is (maybe a mini barrel?):

Below is a very interesting "fairy castle" cacti with all kinds of off-shoots, and the Rhipsalis is in the foreground.

I'm quite sure the plant on the bottom right is a Echinopsis. The one towards the center in the blue pot is a Opuntia. I am thinking the one with the yellow spines looks like a small Parodia Mammulosa. No matter what they are called, they are beautiful!

This tall guy is one I bought from Mark at Creekside farm this summer. It is about 1.5-2 feet tall. Maybe a Pilosocerus with that new blue growth and hairy covering?

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  1. Hi,
    You're getting a nice start on the cacti and other succulents. I can give you a little help on naming a few of them:
    The Rhipsalis is a Hatiora (probably salicorniodes - the "Drunkard's Dream"); the gold ball is Parodia (or Notocactus) leninghausii; the Echinopsis is one of the Giant Peanut Cactus variations. I've lost track of the current botanical name. The other golden balls appear to be baby Echinocactus grusonii plants, the "Golden Barrel". Looks like you're doing well; keep it up.