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Decorating tip: don't overlook your doors for art-hanging opportunities. 
It was a long, hard road to get to this point, but I can now say that my studio is complete, and lovely, and just the way I want it. Why did it take so long, you ask? Well, when we moved into the house, this room served as the catch-all for all the junk we didn't know what to do with and continued as such for quite some time until I put my foot down and said, "This is MY room...I will only allow things in this room that I love and/or are useful to me." Now, that came with a lot of purging (why I had held onto a mountain of paper scraps and ugly fabric I would never use, I do not know) and thinking and re-thinking furniture layout in a small room.

For a long time I HATED this room--there was something seriously feng-shui wrong with it, combined with the junky clutter that I just couldn't handle. But now it is calming, beautiful and very conducive to creativity. Without further adieu, please enter my studio tour (a-la Apartment Therapy)....

I have my afternoon planned....

These wall-mounted shelves are inexpensive, fairly easy to
install and help utilize space all the way to the ceiling. 
My reading nook.

The Klobo loveseat from IKEA is invaluable in a small space.
 They have been well used and well loved in our apartments over the
last few years. 

This shelf is just a cool vintage wire basket I found for a couple bucks
and some wood cut to fit. It holds some of my work and other
 inspirational objects. 
My work table is simply four table legs painted a fantastic orange,
with MDF to top it off. It is the perfect size. 

what art studio is complete without an inspiration board? 

I found these shelves at Target for $20 each--they are the perfect
size for this spot. 

part of my collection of plant books
a few of my favorite pottery pieces

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