New Finds

Long time no see, blogger friends! Matt and I have been busy house hunting! I've also been going crazy (in a good way) with my Etsy shop. My stuff is flying off the shelves!

But, we have had some down time. I discovered how much fun painting Terracotta pots is. I designed the above pot specifically for my new, interesting, unusual cactus.

Let's not forget about thrifting! In the past couple weeks, we've acquired these lovely crimson treasures. The biggest and best is the wool Pendleton blanket Matt scored for $5. I adore the colors and pattern it sports.

For a few cents I snagged the 1970's Better Homes and Gardens Houseplants magazine. Below are some of my fave pages from it. See, other people have as many plants as I do in their house!

A very cool Z-shaped dish, bright orange planter, and Mexican ceramic bird round it all out. Pretty darn good. I love when all the stuff color coordinates!

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