I Have a Brand New Studio!

One major big thing I've been looking forward to is the day when I can dedicate an entire room in our home to an art studio and personal space for myself. Currently, we live in a two bedroom apartment (the second bedroom serving solely as the guest room) and I've always assumed there was no room for a studio. Until now!!

Sure, it might get a teensy bit cramped for our guests, mostly Matt's parents and our good friend Joe, but it's a beautiful room with a huge window and I just couldn't let it go virtually unused any longer.

I raided my bedroom closet for the three white shelving units you see supporting the tabletop, as I wanted to complete this project on a strict budget. I paid about $30 for three pieces of MDF at Home Depot, and the white cubes you see on the right I got on Amazon.com also for $30.

I couldn't be happier with my new space. It's exactly what I wanted: lots of room to spread out while I'm working, and tons of space for storage and display.

An art studio wouldn't be complete without a bulletin board to post your ideas and inspirations. I found a ginormous one at the thrift store for $2, covered it in white cotton fabric and went to town.
Currently, I'm obsessed with the Southwest, deserts, warm rich colors and the like.

I've already gotten to work:

I finished this lion soft toy I started last year. He got a brand new fancy mane, a nose, and a sweet little crown.

Isn't he positively wonderful? Keep your eyes peeled at my Etsy shop for one or two coming up soon.

See you later, I'm off to my studio!

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