It been a couple weeks since we've had a chance to go to the Farmer's Market. So I was really excited this week. We made a b-line to Mark's stand and I was thrilled to see several different types of aloe for sale.

As always, it was a hard decision but I came home with this lovely striped beauty. Towards the beginning of the season, I had admired a much larger version on Mark's table, and was happy to see this one--a small plant for a small price :)

Other items at the market were very vibrant and plentiful, like these green tomatoes.

I was so happy to see these pepper plants--I've wanted one for awhile and the vendor had several varieties. Aren't they pretty?


On our way to the market, I stopped to look into the large window of a tailoring shop on the corner. I loved looking in and seeing all her stuff. Very pretty!


Blooming Sanseveria

This one is all Matt! He has two very large, robust snake plants which are now in bloom.
I am proud to say I have a husband with a green thumb. I'm a lucky girl!

The flowers are really delicate and have a nice scent.

We've noticed ants are attracted to the flowers (you can see them if you look at the photo closely). I'm not sure where they are getting into the house, but they are crawling all over the flower stalk. It doesn't look like they are damaging the plant, so perhaps there is a nectar on the flowers they like? Watching them, I cannot figure out what they are doing.


It's Hot--Like it or Not

It's a scorcher here in Wisconsin! This was the scene before we got the air conditioner fixed late last week. Poor babies! They were so hot, they were both napping laying on their backs! Cute, but sad!

Unlike the cats, however, my plants are LOVING the heat, inside and outside the house. My Euphorbia Quadrangularius that I've had maybe a month and a half has sprouted several branches--one of them almost 7 inches long! I think if I looked hard enough I could see it growing!

I can't believe I haven't posted photos of my garden yet this year! It's really looking nice and everyone seems to be very happy and healthy.

I found this fun hippo planter at an antique store recently. How cute is he?!

One of my favorite plants is this fan aloe. It's been doing very well, despite frequent re-pottings to find a good fit.

A shot of most of the garden. Adler loves to come out and chew on the catnip growing in pots.

I have an absolutely beautiful cactus bloom that just started to open last week.

Amazing--I love cactus flowers!!

In-between taking care of all my plants, I've had a little time for thrift shopping :) These are my finds over the last weekend. My favorite is the pair of vintage owl mugs I got for $.69 each. I found a really great hand-woven wool table runner, a cool book on houseplants from the '70's, an interesting book about the desert (I adore the cover design), a roll of funky paper that I can frame, and a pair of brand-new baskets that can be hung on the wall. What a haul--and it all looks so pretty together!