It been a couple weeks since we've had a chance to go to the Farmer's Market. So I was really excited this week. We made a b-line to Mark's stand and I was thrilled to see several different types of aloe for sale.

As always, it was a hard decision but I came home with this lovely striped beauty. Towards the beginning of the season, I had admired a much larger version on Mark's table, and was happy to see this one--a small plant for a small price :)

Other items at the market were very vibrant and plentiful, like these green tomatoes.

I was so happy to see these pepper plants--I've wanted one for awhile and the vendor had several varieties. Aren't they pretty?


On our way to the market, I stopped to look into the large window of a tailoring shop on the corner. I loved looking in and seeing all her stuff. Very pretty!

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