A few new things

A few days after I photographed my pottery collection, I was browsing around a nearby thrift store on my lunch break. The first aisle I always go at this particular store is the pottery/planter section. I didn't really see anything too exciting, so I moved on to check out the kitchenwares. I'm looking through the coffee mugs and something catches my eye on the top shelf. That's an odd-looking mug I momentarily say to myself. Realizing what I'm looking at is an amazing piece of pottery, I quickly grab it, take a good look at it (and the $1.99 price tag!!), and promptly put it in my basket. This is by far the most exciting find I've had!

On a different note, my cat has been having fun crawling into my large tote bag I use to carry around my gear during my work day. I carried him around in it for awhile then hung the bag on the door knob. He soon jumped out, but not before I could snap a few photos.

I like how the colors in this photo are so simmilar to the ones in my bag!

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  1. Wow what a great pot to add to your collection. And what a super price. I love bags too. Love the colors on that one.