Summer Succulents

 I have my mom to thank for my green thumb and love of nature. While at her house yesterday, I saw (one of my favorite plants in the whole world) this Gasteria (which is massive--probably over a foot wide and leaves 2 inches thick) with a gorgeous bloom stalk emerging!
I've been considering getting a tattoo on my ankle and I think this is it!

 This is so beautiful now--I hope I can photograph it when the flowers are actually open!

you can see how thick and meaty the leaves are--
and check out that gorgeous blue color!!

I am a proud plant parent to my Euphorbia which has a special story behind it. The center pictures are how it looks after almost four years.


Beautiful Blooming Cacti

 I am getting some major cactus flower action! My Echinopsis subdenudata produces enormous beautiful ethereally white (they almost look like they are glowing even in the daylight) flowers. They open at night, and by morning's end they are closed and wilted. As if they aren't stunning enough, they have the most wonderful sweet, citrus-y scent. 

As a colorful contrast my gymnocalycium shows off pink blossoms. I have another gymno. variety which will be ready to bloom in a week or so.


Succulent Sea Garden

I got pretty artsy recently when Matt requested some plants for his new office.

 I chose pencil cactus, some cuttings of an elongated variegated Opuntia (which turn pink in the sun) and a small low-growing fan Crassula. White gravel, blue sea glass pebbles, and some shells complete the look. I think it is just gorgeous.